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BMW 8 Series Concept Car

BMW 8 Series

At the end of May 2017, BMW debuted its BMW 8 concept car and it did not disappoint. The new couple brings about a modern twist on the usual design that we’re used to seeing. The change is fairly significant because BMW has not had any marked changes in quite some time, so this is a real treat for BMW enthusiasts as well as everyone else!

On the Outside

The BMW 8 concept is representative of the 8-series that is due out in 2018. One thing that you’ll notice is the way the grille sits lower and it has grown since its predecessors. The car’s designer, Marc Geraud, describes the front end as having a “sharknose grille” to make a statement about the sporty engine housed in elegance. The headlights are incredibly slim thanks to the laser tech used in their design. There are modifications to the body, too, that reflect more modern lines and help to create a sleek silhouette that sits relatively low to the ground. With an aggressive rear bumper complete with oversized exhaust finishers, the BMW 8 concept is clearly a car to be reckoned with. Add the 21-inch wheels, longer wheel-base, and this car is going to make you go “wow” when you see it.

Uncluttered Interiors

On the inside, you’ll find yourself sitting in the lap of luxury with premium components like Merino leather, carbon fibers, and hand-polished aluminum. Additionally, the 8-series is expected to have the BMW infotainment system comfortably connected to the rest of the center console. Taking center stage, you’ll see the seventh generation iDrive. The main display is your infotainment system while the smaller display on the dash shows a speedometer as well as navigation information. According to BMW, “the interior focuses fully on what is essential: the task of driving.”

Powerful Engines

There should be options for a V-8, a V-12, as well as performance options for the M8. The entry-level engine will be the 3.0L turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The high-performance M8 is expected to have the 4.4L turbocharged V-8 and will likely be paired with the 8-speed automatic transmission seen in the M division vehicles. It is also expected that there will be a hybrid capability as they a 48-volt electric system has become standard in previous models.


Once the 8-series hits the market, it’s prime competitors are the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe as well as the Lexus LC 500. The Benz has long set a high benchmark in this luxury car category, so the BMW 8-series has quite the bar to reach. The 2018 Lexus LC 500 is also a car that can’t help but make you swoon. The question remains – how swoon-worthy is the BMW 8-series going to be once it’s released? After seeing the BMW 8 concept release, the answer is simply…very.

BMW expects to release the 8-series in 2018, which should include a convertible as well as a high-performance M8. Expect a hefty price tag to come along with this ambitious BMW. Experts predict the starting price to be between $100,000 and $110,000. The bottom line to the BMW 8-series concept is that it would be a car James Bond would be proud to drive.