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BMW SAV and Sports Wagon


BMW X Series

The phrase “classic SUV” isn’t one we hear too often. But, if there’s a company that could change that, we’d put our money on BMW. The X Series — SUVs ranging from the compact BMW X1 to the larger BMW X3 and the coupe-inspired BMW X6 — brings the best of the BMW brand to an SUV form factor. This isn’t your father’s SUV. Yes, you’ll find the cargo space and ride height that makes SUVs so popular. The quality of the drive, on the other hand, is a different story. The X Series doesn’t drive like an SUV, or even like a crossover. It’s all BMW.

BMW M Series

BMW M GmbH is the motorsports division of BMW AG. The very first M Series model, the aforementioned BMW M1, was a mid-engined beast designed to win races. Not all of the M Series are homologation cars these days; they’re more likely to make your heart race. But if you can find your way to a track, you’ll find that racing heritage asserting itself in no uncertain terms.

BMW series from the 2 through 6 series all have M Series versions. Each of which have earned major critical acclaim (like the Car and Driver 10Best-winning 2017 BMW M2). This isn’t just a sport-tuned trim; the car is redesigned inside and out, sometimes bearing only a vague resemblance to the car that serves as its basis. The interior, aerodynamics, suspension, and much more, are all unique.