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Mercedes-Benz X-Class Reveal

Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The world of pickup trucks is about to never been the same again thanks to the much anticipated 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class that is due to release within the next few months with the expected reveal date being only a few days away. Mercedes-Benz had discussed and considered the idea of adding a mid-size pickup truck to their automobile family and that moment is finally here!

What Lies in Store for the X-Class

The X-Class is geared to have a few options to choose from including V-6 diesel engine complete with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Less expensive options are expected to have standard four-cylinder engines and two-wheel drive. A pickup isn’t a pickup without being able to handle rough terrain and be expected to work from time to time, right? Fear not because the X-Class will also have a traction system that is included which means not only is this a pickup with style, but it can do the work with the best of them.

The Concept X-Class Outlook

So the Concept X-Class appears to have two designs – one that would appeal more to urban drivers and one for the outdoor, off-roading enthusiast. The X-Class is a true premium luxury pickup truck with the sleek lines and curves that abound, distinguishing the truck as more than just a pickup truck – it is an expression to be seen. The athletically designed “adventurer”, as Mercedes-Benz refers to the off-roading look, is meant to give a robust ride for the driver and create an experience for those that like to explore the roads less traveled.

The X-Class Interior

Simply luxurious as you would expect from Mercedes-Benz, the urban interior promises to be stylish and high-quality using materials like nubuck and nappa leather with oak accents and polished aluminum trim. For a more adventurous feel, you can expect brushed metallic surfaces, glossy black nappa leather, as well as embossed leather. Any Mercedes-Benz would be remiss without an infotainment system, so you can expect to see that, too.

More About its Origins

According to Motor Authority, the X-Class is designed around the platform you can see in the Nissan NP300 Navara, which is expected due to Mercedes and Nissan being allied with Renault. Part of the X-Class is to be manufactured in Barcelona, Spain and in another Renault plant located in Argentina.

Hold Your Horses

Horsepower that is. The X-Class with the optional V-6 is going to be able to haul a whopping 1.1 metric ton and tow up to 3.5 metric tons. The only downside is that the release in the US has not been made known as of yet, nor has it been stated that the X-Class will ever come to the US. Realistically and speculatively, it will eventually, especially since pickup trucks are huge in the States. Until that happens, the first countries to get to experience this luxury truck include Australia, South Africa, South America, as well as in Europe.

You Can See the X-Class Reveal Live

That’s right! Mercedes-Benz has already set a date and time where anyone that can connect to the Internet can see the reveal as it happens in real time. When is it? The reveal is set for July 18 at 1:10pm ET. Pay close attention to YouTube as that is where you will see it.